Who Is The Best?


Well isn't that title a loaded question? But seriously Who is the best? Who is the best DJ? Best Photographer? Best Videographer? Best Photobooth service? Best Lighting service? Best Cake maker? etc........

Who is the best dj, Photographer?


Many professionals like to claim they are the best, top rated, industry leader, or an authority of whatever service they are providing. But let's be fair. Since many DJs, lighting services, Photobooths etc all look alike how can you tell them apart? I mean how do you know if they REALLY are the best at what they say they do? Reviews help, but they are generally based on a buyers experience with that company. How about awards from say Wedding Wire, The knot, BBB, Yelp, Google, even Facebook? Again those are all great but those (like reviews) are based on buyers experiences who leave reviews. When the company gets enough reviews they will get an "award" from the review site acknowleging the accomplishment. It's not to be dismissed, but it should be scrutizined. I mean you could have 20 companies in a 10 mile radius who all get an "award" from that particular review site.  So then what? What sets them apart. 


Best In AmericaWell the problem is that DJs, Photobooths and the like have become a commodity. Everyting looks the same, but the pricing is all over the place and sometimes the most important part (the talent or experience) isn't readily visible. And it's not like you can go to Consumer Reports, Forbes or US News & Worldreport and get the latest report on who the best wedding companies are.


u.1.authority.jpegWell what if the company gets awards, says they are the best or even an "Authority" in the business with industry leading technology. Does that help? My answer is not always. Just because they say they are doesn't mean they actually are. They are hoping you think they are. To know for sure look at their website as well as the reviews. You can tell from the things they say and their clients say (compared to other companies). If it all matches up you will be able to tell if they really are or not what they claim to be, and can they do that without actually saying they are an authority. But if they do say it, they should have a way of backing it up, like a history or statistics of their accomplishements or actually places they've been recognized by a 3rd party source (other than customers votes).


The award for best DJ and Photographer goes to you! So then who is the best? Well they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That being said then the best is whoever you think is the best. A company isn't the best simply becuase they say it is. It isn't the best because The Knot or Wedding Wire says it is. It's the best because YOU think it is, because they are the right fit for you. Listen to our video testimonials and reviews. Each of our clients will often say "DK productions & Lyrical Lens is The Best". And this could be true for other companies as well. So don't get caught up in titles. It doesn't mean anything unless they have something to back it up with.